Import old postgres data to elasticsearch

I have a lot of data in my postgres database( on a remote). This is the data of the past 1 year, and I want to push it to elasticsearch now.

The data has a time field in it in this format 2016-09-07 19:26:36.817039+00.

I want this to be the timefield(@timestamp) in elasticsearch. So that I can view it in kibana, and see some visualizations over the last year.

I need help on how do I push all this data efficiently. I cannot get that how do I get all this data from postgres.

I know we can inject data via jdbc plugin, but I think I cannot create my @timestamp field with that.

I also know about zombodb but not sure if that also gives me feature to give my own timefield.

Also, the data is in bulk, so I am looking for an efficient solution

I need help on how I can do this. So, suggestions are welcome.

WDYM by jdbc "plugin"?

Read this.

So it's a logstash question. I moved your thread to #logstash.

Not sure why:

  • you think you need a @timestamp field
  • you think you can't get it from the db

Logstash date filter plugin should probably help here.

Actually I got a simple(not the best) solution.

I came to know that elasticsearch reads python timestamp.

I used python client for elasticsearch, and psycopg2 library to fetch data from postgres.

There were around 40 coulmns and 55000 rows of data. It took almost 3 minutes for fetching and writing the data. The solution was simple and straight forward.

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