Import settings for a Input plugin from an external file

Hi everyone,

I'm asking if it is possible to specify a(n) (path to an) external file into the input section. The reference to these external file is not be used for defining an input events streams (like all other available input plug-ins actually...I think) but to access information settings used to specify an other input plug-in (the one used for setting a input event stream).

For instance / Why ?
I have a config file like ...

input {
    couchdb_changes {
        db => "db_name"
        username => "usr"
        password => "pwd"
        initial_sequence => 0
        codec =>"json"
filter {
output {

I want to be able to "extract" the sensitive informations (used to access the DB) from an other file to set the logstash config.

Any ideas ?

Thanks !

There's no general support for this. What problem are you trying to solve?

Actually, it's quite similar to

Thanks for the support.

Hi again,

Maybe I was not clear but the link I posted does not resolve my problem.
The problem mentioned in the link explicit more the problem. And actually,
people in the post decide to solve it by extending some functions into the plugin.

I think it does not resolve the problem in general.

So other ideas ?


I think it does not resolve the problem in general.

No, of course it doesn't. As I said there is no general support for what you want.

If you explain what problem you're trying to solve maybe someone can suggest a solution.

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