Is it possible to configure LogStash with external input file?

Now I am working with ELK(ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana). I would like to know, how to configure LogStash with external input configuration file. Lets say for example If I am having an external xml configuration file like this, See this example XML configuration file.

So I like to get LogStash input path from this external xml file. is it possible to read external document from LogStash? if yes please share your solutions. or any other suggestions are really appreciated.

Hy, @clash_of_clanss.

This is an example of an input file configuration

input {
    file {
        path => "/service/nginx/logs/*access.log"
        type => "nginx_access"



Thanks for responding MrNerd. In this case we are directly assigned path as input. But I dont want this static type of path declaration, I want it to be dynamic. So is there any possible to get path value from external input?


Do you mean relative path when you say dynamic?



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