Import to SQL server

Is it possible to import data from file into sql server and use logstash?

Do you want to load data into sqlserver using logstash?
can you elaborate your requirement.

I was using bulk insert. But i want to use logstash and don't run ssms.
I created a sample table:
create table sample:
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[sample](
[Id] [bigint] NULL,
[Name] nvarchar NULL

and I want to load test.txt data into that.
this is my text file data:

Using logstash, you can load data from sql server into elasticsearch.
But i am not sure whether we can import data from file into sql server using logstash.

Hope someone helps you, if it is possible.


There is a community output plugin for pushing data to SQL Server or any-other JDBC enabled source.

theangryangle has done a fantastic job with this and we leverage it for dual feeding data from kafka into ES and SQL Server.

@balumurari1 @Chris_Lyons
Thanks to helping me.

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