Imported dashboard and their "sub" dashboards does not work in Kibana

I use ansible in order to list the available (imported) beat-dashboards. I select a number of dashboards to import to a number of spaces and it works fine. However, I get a 404 error when I click a "sub/included" dashboard. Say I click the imported "Syslog..." dashboard and want to look at "SSH logins" I immediately get a 404 error. I use the Kibana "Copy saved object API" (/api/spaces/_copy_saved_objects) to copy the dashboards from a "master dashboard space" to other spaces.

An example:

Link to "sub dashboard" for syslog master dashboard

The link rendered when I click the "sub dashboard"


When I perform the same in the "dashboard" space from which I copy the dashboards it works fine. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @petlit2049 . Welcome to the forum!

Okay, so you're installing our pre-made Beats dashboards, but you need them available across all your spaces, correct?

So, you use the _copy_saved_objects endpoint to copy them to each space.

But, then the links from the main dashboard to the others are broken?

My first guess would be that the saved object IDs are being changed when you perform the copy operation, breaking the links.

You can set the createNewCopies option to false to retain the same IDs for the sub dashboards even after copying them to a new space (see details in the doc).

Let me know if this solves your issue!

Note: I should also mention that we are planning a better way to make these dashboards available in multiple spaces. We are planning to make these shareable among spaces. See this issue.

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