Importing data (json) from API

Hi all.
I need to import data via API to to analyze and create reports in elasticsearch. These data are collected in JSON format.
I have seen that with metricbeat using the http module I could do it, but I have some doubts:

1- I need to run several different urls, can this be done with the module?
i think in somethong like this (it´s correct?):

      - module: http
              - json
                    period: 10s
                   hosts: ["https://host-remote/api/v1/data1"]
                   hosts: ["https://host-remote/api/v2/data2"]
                   hosts: ["https://host-remote/api/v3/data1"]
                   namespace: "json_namespace"
                  path: "/"
                  #body: ""
                  method: "GET"
                 #username: "user"
                 #password: "secret"
                 request.enabled: false
                 response.enabled: false
                 json.is_array: false
                #dedot.enabled: false

2-If not possible with metricbeat, how could I do it?
3- is there another beat intended for request API?

Thanks in advanced.
Jose A


could you please format the post using "code" tags? It's much easier to read and analyze it. Thanks!

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