Metricbeat Data Output through HTTP

Hi, I am using Metricbeat to get system data. Can my server get these data as json from Metricbeat through http directly without using Elasticsearch.

What I mean is I plan to write a server and listen to a port, say 8000. Can I just configure the yml file in some way and directly get data from Metricbeat.


Hi @Yiw :slight_smile:

In this link you can find the possible outputs you can configure

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Hi, I checked all of these output methods, and there's no one can solve my problem, because I do not want to use ES in my project. Is there any detailed solution here.
Thanks for your answering.


No, I'm afraid that there's no way to do what you want with Metricbeat

Thanks for your update. Hope you will have APIs to get data directly with http request.

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