Importing JSON Wearables Data in ES

Hi I'm a EKL newbie and am trying to work through an issue.
I'm trying to load json file with below format. I've created a mapping for it and followed the instructions at I get an error trying to load the JSON data into Elastic. Note: I was able to load the account data and shakespeare JSON data into Elastic.

sample data
"ID": "alpha1",
"timestamp": "2016-01-29T22:00:17.334Z",
"deviceID": "1",
"deviceType": "watch1",
"codec": "Z1",
"notes": "blue watch"
"ID": "alpha2",
"timestamp": "2016-01-30T22:00:17.334Z",
"deviceID": "2",
"deviceType": "watch2",
"codec": "Z2",
"notes": "yellow watch"
"ID": "alpha3",
"timestamp": "2016-01-31T22:00:17.334Z",
"deviceID": "3",
"deviceType": "watch3",
"codec": "Z3",
"notes": "orage watch"
"ID": "alpha4",
"timestamp": "2016-02-02T22:00:17.334Z",
"deviceID": "4",
"deviceType": "watch4",
"codec": "Z4",
"notes": "red watch"

curl -XPUT "localhost:9200/devices" -d"{""mappings"":{""default"":{""properties"":{""_id"":{""type"":""string"",""index"":""not_analyzed""},""created"":{""type"":""string"",""index"":""not_analyzed""},""serialNumber"":


*data load command *
curl -XPOST "localhost:9200/devices/_bulk?pretty" --data-binary ""@d:\downloads\datasets\elastic\deviceList.json"