Importing Kibana dashboards: fail to create the Kibana loader

Ok, im pretty sure that i know what is the deal but i cant figure it out how i can manage to work...

the thing is when i start the filebeat setup -E action it cannot install the dashboards in the kibana
it gives me an error:

Exiting: Error importing Kibana dashboards: fail to create the Kibana loader: Error creating Kibana client: fail to get the Kibana version:HTTP GET request to /api/status fails: fail to execute the HTTP GET request: Get http://IP ADDRESS:5601/api/status: net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers). Response: .

and when i try to access the kibana with the provided link that gives me as an error

http://IP ADDRESS:5601/api/status:

it parse me an 404 file not found in json format output from the kibana

i manage to track that when i access http://IP ADDRESS:5601/api/status WITHOUTH the : colon at the end of the string it gives me the status of the kibana in a json format ...

so i think filebeat is trying to install the dashboards to a kibana with a bad url or something...

im running kibana 6 and filebeat 6 as well,

does anybody have the same issue and manage to work-it out somehow???


HI @BezVeze,

It looks like a firewalling issue. I'm wondering, are you doing your manual tests from the same host where you run Filebeat?

Best regards

Hey, it was a Firewall thing, i forgot that i hide kibana behind firewall on my gce env,

Thanks a lot.

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