Impossible to rename a field

Hi i struggle to find the solution
i try to rename a JSON field from X-Global-Transaction-Id to X-Global-Transaction-ID

Here is the filter logstash

filter {
        mutate {
           rename => {"[response_http_headers][X-Global-Transaction-Id]" => "[response_http_headers][X-Global-Transaction-ID]"}

Here is an example of the Json StdOutput

	"_index": "xxxxxxxx",
	"_type": "_doc",
	"_id": "HeqUCIABagtUMClu6Ieg",
	"_version": 1,
	"_score": 1,
	"_source": {		
		"response_http_headers": {
			"X-Global-Transaction-Id": "XXXXXXXX",
			"X-RateLimit-Limit": "name=default-rate-limit,200000;name=hard-limits-per-sec,15;",
			"X-Request-ID": "5bba9a58-b724-11ec-ab8b-ac1e3f1f0000",
			"Server": "IBM App Connect Enterprise",
			"Content-Type": "application/json;charset=utf-8",
			"X-Correlation-ID": "5bba9a58-b724-11ec-ab8b-ac1e3f1f0000",
			"X-RateLimit-Remaining": "name=default-rate-limit,125848;name=hard-limits-per-sec,14;",
			"Date": "Fri, 08 Apr 2022 10:12:14 GMT"
    "fields": {

Can you help me please.
Thank you.

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