Impossible to use scripts in nested filters?


Hello, everyone.

Currently using ES v1.7, I encounter the following behaviour :

Consider the following document structure, where products is a nested field

id : "string",
products : [
"price" : long,
"quantity" : long

I need to write a request that will bring back all documents where the value of my stock is supérior to a thresold, say 5000.

Thus, I write the following filter (using filter cause I don't care about scoring)

"nested" : {
"filter" : {
"script" : {
"script" : "doc['products.price'].values.sum() * doc['products.quantity'].values.sum()>5000"
"path" : "products"

But it does not work.
I really need the filter to be nested to avoid cross-matches .. Is there a proper way to proceed?



It's a tough question. Isn't there anyone that had to solve that roblem before?

(Ryan Ernst) #3

Nested fields are separate documents in Lucene. So doc in one invocation of the script is just a single nested doc. There is no way to get access to all the nested docs at once.

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