Imprecise integer handling in script_score?

I have a has_child query (see this posting's bottom) that scores by
children's most recent timestamps (defined as type "date" in the mapping):
"script": "doc['p.created'].value"

But instead of the maximum of the actual timestamps, they are somehow
rounded to a _score of nearby numbers that differ by 120 or 130 each, at
least the more recent ones:
• 1422630910
• 1422630780
• 1422630660
• 1422630530

Suspecting that these integers aren't really handled as such internally, I
tried subtracting a recent timestamp to get the relevant numbers into a
smaller and hence more precisely handled range:
"script": "doc['p.created'].value-1400000000"
And indeed, the minimum difference between the 'rounded' figures was
reduced by a factor of 20, to at most 6. While this largely solves the
problem, it does not do so entirely. Is there a way to get ES to treat
these figures as 'full' integers? I have tried some type-casting in the
Groovy expression – without success.

Thanks in advance for any hints!

The full query:
"query": {
"has_child": {
"type": "p",
"query": {
"function_score": {
"query": {
"match_all": {}
"boost_mode": "replace",
"functions": [
"script_score": {
"script": "doc['p.created'].value",
"lang": "groovy"
"score_mode": "max"

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