Improving findability with UX patterns

I'm interested in your opinions regarding a findability-focused, UX-oriented pattern library.

When developing enterprise search solutions over the last 10 years, my experience has consistently been that UX-driven features that are crucial to findability rarely make it into the actual services. Consequently, the services often suffer from findability of 20% or less in the «unstructured data behind the firewall» scenario.

To remedy, I’m wondering if there’s interest in a findability-focused, UX-oriented repository for teams building enterprise search solutions. I have made a start here:

It contains elements like this (a disambiguation strategy sometimes called a OneBox):

disambiguation result illustration

All of the described concepts would benefit from support from the core technical search service. I therefore have some open questions: Are there some technically inclined committers who see the value of supporting these UX concepts with reusable code? More in general, do you have opinions on how to best create a repository that will be valuable to the community?

Please let me know if I can clarify my request in any way. Everyone are welcome to make commits also to the UX part of the repository. Thanks in advance for any and all interest.