Improving User Intelligence with the ELK Stack (search analytics dashboard)

how can I achieve what is described in here for my elasticsearch cluster?
Improving User Intelligence with the ELK Stack at SCA

is there any predefined mappings and config files I can use?

You need to build this yourself for the time being.

But it looks like a combination of something like Topbeat/collectd and Logstash.

Interesting. Alternatively, if you don't feel like building that yourself, Sematext happens to have all of that available (sorry for the promo, but this is handy for those who don't want to build all this stuff on their own) :


Is that all plug and play, or is there some config required?

Hi Mark,

Sematext stuff? There is a little bit of plug and a lot of play:

  • Site Search Analytics - stick JavaScript in a search results page to capture searches, clicks, etc. All reports out of the box.
  • SPM - install SPM agent to collect metrics and ship them to SPM. All reports out of the box + custom metrics if you want
  • Logsene - configure any of a number of available log shippers including standard Logstash with Elasticsearch output simply pointed to