In a metric visualization change the color mode based on formula


I'm building a dashboard and now I want to make a lens metric with average time per costomer. Now this isn't difficult but in the color mode I want it to change color based on a formula.

So when the current average is higher then 5* the average in the past week, I want to change to red.

Currently it is limited to a pre defined value (also in TSVB)

Can someone help me with this question? Maybe i need a custom formula?

Hi @SpicyS

it sounds like you're looking to color the metric chart by a distinct formula that the one used to compute. That is not possible in Lens.

I think we have an enhancement request for that here you can track: [Lens] Separate color dimension for all chart types · Issue #95556 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Hey @Marco_Liberati

Thank you for the quick response, to bad it is not possible yet. Do you think it may be possible in Vega then? Or is it better to create alerts based on this question?

I think that would be possible in Vega.

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