In elasticsearch 5.4.2 can merge indexs?

in elasticsearch 5.4.2 can merge indexs?
in my env , have so match shards, can merge indexs to only,
the shards can't have so match data.

You can _shrink indices to have less shards, but you cannot merge/shrink separate indices into one with the same API.

You could reindex (eg) daily into weekly/monthly though.

shrink can ones do many indexs?

  • curl -XPOST 'xxx.xx.xx.xx:9200/system-log-61-2017.08*/_shrink/system-log-61-2017.08?pretty'

can give me a example about reindex daily into weekly/monthly about the exist indexs?

Shrink is here -

Reindex is here - There a chapter on reindexing daily indices as well :slight_smile:

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