In Filebeat config fields.type not getting picked up in index!

I am trying to add fields.type of a pipeline to my index but for some reason is not resolving and data is going in against one single index i.e. index-other.

 - type: log
   enabled: true
     - /usr/share/apps/logs/*.log
   exclude_lines: ['Aaaa:','Bbbb:','Cccc:']
     tags: ["tag-1","tag-2"]
     type: "logs"
   fields_under_root: true

setup.ilm.enabled: false "index"
setup.template.pattern: "index-*"

  hosts: '${ELASTICSEARCH_HOSTS:xx-xx-xx-xx:9200}'
  index: "index-%{[fields.type]:other}"

I am getting all my data against index-other in ES. However I should get it against index-logs.

I need help here. What is wrong with my config?

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