In kibana visualization data not showing

in kibana discover tab data is displaying, below i show the discover tab details in kibana.

clinicaldata (index name)

Selected Fields

? _source

Available Fields
? @timestamp

? @version

t _id

t _index


t _type

Fields name as follows

? age

? cpa_addr_1

? cpa_addr_2

? cpa_addr_3

? cpa_addr_area

? cpa_addr_city

? cpa_country_cd

? cpa_pin_code

? cpa_state_cd

? mcs_case_summary

? mcs_crt_dt

? mcs_crt_uid

? rrh_first_name

? rrh_location_cd

? rrh_mr_num

? rrh_pat_dob

? rrh_pat_sex

? rrh_regn_dt

cpa_addr_2:POST- EKBARNA cpa_addr_area: - mcs_crt_uid:MACTCS cpa_addr_1:VILL- EKB ARNA rrh_mr_num:3416558 cpa_pin_code:732 204 rrh_pat_sex:Fema mcs_crt_dt:2015-01-03T07:23:00.000Z @timestamp:2017-12-15T08:54:28.231Z cpa_country_cd:INDIA cpa_state_cd:WB @version:1 rrh_regn_dt:2014-11-18T18:30:00.000Z rrh_first_name:ANITA KARMAKAR rrh_pat_dob:1987-08-24T18:30:00.000Z mcs_case_summary:External File Uploaded - EXTNFILEINFO SHEET age:28 rrh_location_cd:MAIN cpa_addr_3:PS- RATUA cpa_addr_city:india
_id:AWBZYcj9fbvNIqwo2O6C _type:logs _index:clinicaldata _score:1

But when i do in kibana visualization using tag cloud i want to display the data in visualization

Steps i follows to display data in visualization

  1. Create a new visualization

  2. select the tag cloud (in visualization type)

  3. select the index name

  4. Then select add a fliter + (Button)
    another popup is opened from the fliter list select the field name and selector operator is and in value textbox type the india and click save button

  5. then Message shows no result found

what is the problem in visualization tab data not displaying.

how to find the count of specific value in kibana

coumnname values

id no (columnname ) Remarks
3416561 Registered
3416561 Registered
3416561 Registered
3416561 Registered
3416561 Registered

using elastic search how to delete my above duplicate records using elastic search query

please do the needful

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