In my elasticsearch 5.4.2 the cluster start without 3 shards

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how can do to change the es cluster status yellow to green.
it up 4 hours.
"unassigned_shards" : 3,


Are all nodes running?

I had a similar situation a few days ago with that same version of Elasticsearch. I could not find a way to assign the shards. In the end it turned out that some of my nodes were not running although I was sure that I had checked that before anything else.

If all nodes are running you can try one of allocate_replica, allocate_stale_primary or allocate_empty_primary depending on what shards they are.

More info:


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the all nodes is online ..
how can do about it.

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can give me how about the curl post file. json.

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i use head close index and open it ,then the shards is going to ok.

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