IncompatibleClassChangeError on Spring Boot app

Hi, I'm currently using Java APM Agent v1.19.0 with my Spring Boot (v2.2.1) app.
I encountered an issue where by my app couldn't startup and throws IncompatibleClassChangeError.

I'm starting the app manually using java -javaagent:/apps/libs/elastic-apm-agent-1.20.0.jar

On the Spring Boot App start up, it hit this the following exception:
apm log|690x347

The app can be started normally after I removed the -javaagent.

I'm using Open JDK v1.8.0_252.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


The error you report seems to be triggered by the glowroot java agent, and not directly by the Elastic APM Agent, but that could however be a side-effect of it.

  • Did the issue happens only with 1.20.0 and not with 1.19.0 ?
  • Does the issue happens when you remove the glowroot agent ?

Running with multiple agents at the same time (especially if they serve the same purpose) is definitely not recommended.

side note: sharing log in screenshot form is not the most convenient here, if you have to send more logs/errors, please copy/paste text or attach a file.


My apologize for sharing the log in screenshot.
Thank you for the info!
The issue gone after I removed the glowroot agent.

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