Indeces conflicts mapping

Hi ,
i have the following error in kibana:

How can i know which indices has mapping conflict?
Thank you very much !

Hi there, thanks for asking your question on the forum! Which version of Kibana are you using? If you're on a version prior to 6.4, you should be bale to edit the field and see some information about the specific types and indices which are in conflict.

Unfortunately, we introduced a regression in 6.4 which removed this functionality and we're working on a fix now. You can track the regression issue and the fix PR. The fix is currently targeting 7.1, but we are going to try to backport it to 6.7.3, too.

For the time being, you can also manually compare your mappings across indices to see which ones are in conflict. Here is a blog post which details that process. Here's another blog post about reindexing, which is the process you can use to fix the conflicts.


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