Index a new filebeat custom field

Hi everybody

I add a new custom field in my logstash configuration file.
it appears in the results on Kibana, but if i try to add a filter on it, i don't find it.

As you see, in the right picture, my custom field does not appears.
I guess that i forget to do something, but i don't know what.

Thanks for your help.


Is my_custom_field present in your Index Pattern? Go to Management -> Index Patterns and select your Index Pattern. Use the "Filter" to locate your field.

If your field is not present, then click the Refresh field list button to update the Index Pattern from the latest mappings from Elasticsearch.

If your field is present, then where are you using the Add filter dialog? This filter is populated with the index patterns used in the application or the Default Index Pattern. For example, on Dashboard, it will only contain Index Patterns used by Visualizations loaded in the Dashboard. Try adding an Visualization that contains the Index Pattern with the target field

Hi Nathan,

Thanks a loooooot for your help.
I just had to refresh the field list.
Have a nice day.


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