Index alias

Hi all,
I am a beginner in elastic and I've inherited an environment in elastic cloud.
I have an index that ends with a dash, let's call it indexname-
Developers wrote code to insert records to this index name.
There is no index template and no lifecycle management.
Now I want to perform some order in the mess that is currently happening.
I want to create an ILM and also to change the index name to something more normal like indexname-000001

Now here comes my question, forget about the index rename for now, assuming data is not important and I create a new index with a proper name as mentioned above.
I guess I need to create an index template with an alias named indexname
Then ask for the developers to change the reference in their code to indexname instead of indexname-, will this cause the code to write to my index indexname-00001?

Also after creating the ILM it will automatically create a new index named indexname-000002 and point the alias to this index?

Thanks in advance for your patience to a novice.

Yes , your understanding is correct. The rollover strategy would depend upon the ism policy you define.

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You could also use an alias so there's no code changes needed.

Great guys,
Thanks for your help

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