Index boost with completion suggester

Is it possible to use index boost when using completion suggester in Elasticsearch? I have tried many different ways but doesn't seem to work. Haven't found any reference in the documentation claiming that it does not work for completion suggester. Example:

POST index1,index2/_search
  "suggest" : {
    "name_suggest" : {
      "text" : "my_query",
      "completion" : {
        "field" : "name_suggest",
        "size" : 7,
        "fuzzy" :{}
  "indices_boost" : [
        { "index1" : 2 },
        { "index2" : 1.5 }

The above does not return boosted scores. The scores are the same compared to running it without the indices_boost parameter.

(I posted this on Stack Overflow earlier here but didn't get much views - got one answer with a workaround - but wanted to repost it here to know from the community if this is really not a feature by design)

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