Index by Category

Hi there,

I have nearly 1M docs in my index and 4 nodes that performing search and fecthes. Query times low enough to satisfy users but i wonder if i split my index by cateories that i have would i have better performance for queries ?
Ex : alldocsindex(1M) => allcat1index(120k) , allcat2index(70k), allcat3index(100k)...

What does your doc look like?
If you have a category field just filter on that.

Yes, i already filter by category. But the point that i wanted to ask reducing doc count on index makes any significant difference on performance. For instance i have a property on docs that is "Status" which tells me if the doc is "Active" or "Passive". Mainly i use "Active" docs. So if i split docs by "Active" and "Passive" and create them on two diffrent index does it make any significant difference on performance

I wouldn't think so, you'd need to test to be 100% sure.
But filters are super efficient so I'd stick with that.

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