Index changes notifications (document creation, update, deletion within the index / doc and more)

I am looking for alerting / notification for document creation, update, deletion within the index / doc. Does there any api available within the Elasticsearch / logstash for alerting the changes done at Index / Document level while performing the CRUD operations within the index / _doc.

Waiting for the reply.


Hi @RAVI_GOPALANI , There is no native ES functionality to cover your request. However, I would suggest to maintain version of the document that can then be used in watchers for every document creation/ update. This can be done using scripts either in ingest pipeline or update_by_query.

For delete however, it would be beneficial to use some sort of binary field like isDelete which be default would be false, set during ingestion and when document is deleted via API call, it's set to true.

However, in both cases, please note if a user has access to perform CRUD directly using DevConsole/ cURL/ etc., then your scripts won't be invoked implicitly.

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