Index creation on Plugin instantiation


I'm experimenting with elasticsearch plugins creation and I'm trying to
create an index (if missing) on plugin startup.

I wanted to ask what is the best place to add the code snippet for code
creation? I have added it at an injected binding with Client as
constructor parameter but i get the following error:

no known master node, scheduling a retry

[2015-05-26 12:03:27,289][ERROR][bootstrap ] {1.4.1}:
Initialization Failed ...

  1. UncategorizedExecutionException[Failed execution]

My guess is that Client is not ready yet to handle index creation requests,
my code snippet is the following:

public class IndexCreator {

private final String indexName;
private final ESLogger LOG;

public IndexCreator(Settings settings, Client client) {
    this.LOG = Loggers.getLogger(getClass(), settings);
    this.indexName = settings.get("", ".metis");
       String indexName = ".metis-registry";
       IndicesExistsResponse resp = 


       if (!resp.isExists()) {


And I add this as binding to my module

public class MyModule extends AbstractModule {

private final Settings settings;

public MyModule(Settings settings) {
    this.settings = Preconditions.checkNotNull(settings);

protected void configure() {


But it produces the overmentioned error, any ideas?



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