Index deletion error due to change from Gold to Basic license


I was using a GOLD license, but did not renew my contract and
I did not renew the contract and switched to the free version.
One week after the switchover I received the following message

ERROR Failed to complete action: delete_indices. <class 'KeyError'>: 'indices'

It seems that indexes are not being deleted, and the /data area continues to grow and exceeds 90%.

Do you know if this problem is related to the license changeover?
How can we solve this problem?

Please note that there is no special change in the timing of the license changeover.

Thank you in advance

Hi @kazuo Welcome to the community!

Index life cycle management is a basic feature So changing from gold to basic should not have any impact.

That's not to say that it isn't a bug or something else, but that is not my first thought.

Did you do an ILM explain on the index that's not being deleted?

GET /my-index/_ilm/explain

In the meantime, you certainly can clean up the old indices to make sure you don't run over.

Where is this log from? This does not look like an Elasticsearch error, it looks like a python error.

Is this from Curator?

Also, which version of Elasticsearch are you using?

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This is absolutely a Curator error. What version of Elasticsearch are you using? Which version of Curator?

Thank you very much for your reply.

After that, from the license expiration message displayed in the GUI of KIBANA, when I performed the operation to return to basic in the license management settings, the error output stopped and the index was also deleted.

Any other operation will simply stop filebeat. It is unknown whether it was a problem related to the license, but it seems that it is operating normally without any particular error output even with the Basic license status.

Many thanks

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