Index gets deleted right after it was created

Hi there,
I am running a single-node ES v. 7.17.3 instance in an environment not accessible from internet.

I also have a full text crawler service (heritrix) that populates an index. Right after the crawling job finishes, there is this ES routine running and vanishing the entire index (data and index itself).

[2022-06-27T13:16:29,064][INFO ][o.e.c.m.MetadataDeleteIndexService] [foo-web] [foo_search_de_2022-06-27-10-08-36/XSu8OTR-Q86wMVhlR1nn8A] deleting index

I've tried to activate the audit feature with the hope to find out who or what is calling this service but it seems like it is done internally by ES.

The Security feature is no enabled but as I've mentioned it a hermetic environment and no signs of external trigger of the MetadataDeleteIndexService.


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The only time that Elasticsearch will delete indices is if you have an ILM policy that does it. Otherwise, any deletes will be an external request.

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