Index Json Data in Search using Logstash where data is a value of some key in original Json

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I have a json structure as below

	"Name" : "",
	"Type" : "",
	"Document" : {
		"id" : 1,
		"category": "books"


I want to index only the "Document" part of the Json into Elasticsearch. Is there any way of doing that with Logstash ?


Do some investigation your self. Try some stuff out, and come back with specific questions.
This is a community driven site. Nobody gets paid here for doing your work.

As a starting point:

(Christian Dahlqvist) #3

Determining which fields that are indexed and can be searched can be done by specifying mappings in an Elasticsearch index template. You do not generally control this from Logstash.

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The question was posted after thorough investigation on my end and my inability to find any suitable workaround in my case. For future reference When you don't know any answer, try to avoid that post.

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Posts like that do not help anyone. Please be aware of our Code of Conduct for these forums -

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