Index Json file data into Elasticsearch

I have a josn file with below data:

[ {
"City": "0miya-ku",
"Company": "3COM",
"Country": "ARUBA",
"CountryCodeIso2": "AF",
"CountryCodeIso3": "AFG",
"LastName": "AABERG",
"Gender": "Male"
"City": "0saki-shi",
"Company": "3M",
"Country": "AFGHANESTAN ",
"CountryCodeIso2": "AX",
"CountryCodeIso3": "ALA",
"LastName": "AABY",
"Gender": "Female"
"City": "100. Yıl",
"Company": "A C NIELSEN",
"Country": "AFGHANISTAN",
"CountryCodeIso2": "AL",
"CountryCodeIso3": "ALB",
"LastName": "AADLAND",
"Gender": "M"
I wanted to index in elasticsearch how i can do that.

Does the file only contain that data, or is there more files?
If it's just that then use curl or Developer Tools in Kibana.

file contains more data 5 million around.
I know if data is less i can do it directly.

You'd be best off splitting those into individual documents and then using either Logstash or some custom code to send it to Elasticsearch.

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