Index Lifecycle Management rollover on time, but deleting every 10min


We have this setting in our elasticsearch.yml configuration file:
indices.lifecycle.poll_interval: 30s

And we have a set of indexes that must roll over every 3 minutes and must be alive for 6 minutes.
The rollover is happennig on time, but the deletion only occurs exactly every 10min.

For example:
01:52:30: index idx-000001 created
01:55:55: index idx-000002 created
01:59:25: index idx-000003 created
02:02:30: index idx-000001 deleted

So it seems the 'indices.lifecycle.poll_interval' setting correctly informs about rollover actions every 30s, but not about delete actions (that is taking 10min, the setting default value).

Is this possible? Must I set up another setting for delete actions? Or am I doing something wrong?



Can you share your actual policy? It's a little harder to parse from this sentence, but I suspect that you have a min_age of 6 minutes in your delete phase, which means that it will be deleted 6 minutes after the rollover has been performed (so 3 + 6 = ~9 minutes total lifetime)

Hi dakrone,

Yes, you are right. That's the point, deletion takes rollover as initial point and not the index creation.

I need to delete indexes taking the index creation as a base. So I have decided to delete them manually. I understand that deleting indexes manually does not interfiere in the ILM.



You can do this by setting the origination date for the index, which is the date used for any ILM action, see: Index lifecycle management settings in Elasticsearch | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic (the setting is called index.lifecycle.origination_date)

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