Index.lifecycle.rollover_alias [filebeat-7.8.0] does not point to index

Hi All,

I've the following errors il eleastic log files for the indexes Lifecycle Management for the indexes and don't know how to solve them...
Could someone give me some clues?


*java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: index.lifecycle.rollover_alias [filebeat-7.8.0] does not point to index [filebeat-7.8.0-2020.08.11]* *[2020-08-19T14:15:33,759][ERROR][o.e.x.i.IndexLifecycleRunner] [elastic04] policy [filebeat] for index [filebeat-7.8.0-2020.07.31] failed on step [{"phase":"hot","action":"rollover","name":"check-rollover-ready"}]. Moving to ERROR step*

Please share your policy and template.

Hi Mark,

For the policy :

PUT _ilm/policy/filebeat
"policy": {
"phases": {
"hot": {
"min_age": "0ms",
"actions": {
"rollover": {
"max_age": "30d",
"max_size": "50gb"
"set_priority": {
"priority": null

For the index pattern: filebeat-7.8.0-* linked to ILM Policy filebeat

Index Template Name : filebeat-7.8.0

Head of filebeat-7.8.0 settings:
"index": {
"lifecycle": {
"name": "filebeat",
"rollover_alias": "filebeat-7.8.0"
"mapping": {
"total_fields": {
"limit": "10000"
"refresh_interval": "5s",
"number_of_shards": "1",
"query": {
"default_field": [
"message", etc

Hope this can help,


Just make sure you bootstrap your first index -

Please start your own topic :slight_smile:

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