Index management

what does indices mean? and why do i have so many indices? and what is the difference between xxxx-000004 and xxxx-000005?

here's my indices for example:

* winlogbeat-7.10.2-2021.08.22-000005
* auditbeat-7.11.2-2021.07.23-000004
* winlogbeat-7.10.2-2021.07.23-000004
* auditbeat-7.11.2-2021.08.22-000005
* filebeat-7.10.1-2021.07.23-000004
* filebeat-7.10.1-2021.06.23-000003
* metricbeat-7.13.4-2021.08.03-000001
* filebeat-7.10.1-2021.08.22-000005
* winlogbeat-7.10.2-2021.06.23-000003
* winlogbeat-7.10.2-2021.05.24-000002
* winlogbeat-7.10.2-2021.04.24-000001
* metricbeat-7.13.4-2021.09.02-000002
* filebeat-7.10.1-2021.04.24-000001
* filebeat-7.10.1-2021.05.24-000002
* auditbeat-7.11.2-2021.06.23-000003
* auditbeat-7.11.2-2021.04.24-000001

You have that many because you had data from all those Beats talking to Elasticsearch.

The different numbers on the end are the historic data.

how to make the data not always make historic data. I mean I only have 1 file for 1 beats not much like this

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