Index Memory issue

Hi Support,

I checked with one of the elastic testing servers, I found some index memory difference.

SS from the testing server - Heap Size: 3GB[HDD 2TB]

SS from PROD server – Heap Size:30GB [2TB]

Is there any configuration required to change? Can anyone help me with this?


This post lacks quite a bit of details, like the Elasticsearch version being used, how much data is on that node/cluster etc. Please provide some more context. Especially the Elasticsearch version is important due to changes in Elasticsearch 7.7, see

Thanks for the reply,

Below is the detail of the production server.

OS: Ubuntu 18.04
RAM: 60GB(50% occupied Elastic)
Disc : 2TB
Processor: 4 Core

Elastic Configuration: ELK - 7.7.X

We have 450 million records on production and index created with below mapping and settings.

Index shards: 25 and Replica Shard : 0
Index size : 890GB


Hi Alexander Reelsen,

Any update on this?


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