Index multi-type field or Handle Exceptions

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Hello ALL,

I'm working with Logstash and Elasticsearch. I have a field provided through logs called (total-bytes), which is an integer.

My ElasticSearch index configuration for this field is:

      "total-bytes" : { 
        "type" : "integer"

Depending on the action, sometimes the same log type is received but without "total-bytes" information. Instead the field is populated with a dash, "-". When this happens, an index failure happens. Because the field was supposed to be an integer.

How am I suppose to handle exceptions in my index schema? I need to keep the configuration as "integer" for further purposes and in the same time I want to avoid errors and store the log when "total-bytes" is null.

I was thinking to mutate the "-" and replace by "0" but I'm not sure if there is a better solution, instead of this workaround.

Thanks in advance!

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I found the solution using mutate or ruby filter.

It wasn't working before, because my ruby filter it was before my grok statement.

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