Index not found exception when getting template


I'm running into an issue where a request like "curl http://elasticsearch:9200/_template/logstash" is returning the following response body:

{"error":{"index":"","index_uuid":"_na_","reason":"no such index","":"","resource.type":"index_expression","root_cause":[{"index":"","index_uuid":"_na_","reason":"no such index","":"","resource.type":"index_expression","type":"index_not_found_exception"}],"type":"index_not_found_exception"},"status":404} 

Can anyone tell me why this would happen? The requested template does exist, and this error does appear to be a bit random when it happens. Sometimes the template is fetched, other times its not.

I compared it to the error return when fetching a template that does not exist, and that returns an empty body, not the above.


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Can you please share the Elasticsearch logs when such error happens? Thanks


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