i am new to elasticsearch and i tried out the elastic cloud package with kibana

i setup my filebeat in my windows 7 computer and i tried to load some log files to my elastic cluster but i got this error

2017-06-30T09:23:07+02:00 WARN Can not index event (status=404): {"type":"index_not_found_exception","reason":"no such index and [action.auto_create_index] contains [-*] which forbids automatic creation of the index","index_uuid":"na","index":"filebeat-2017.06.30"}

and in my elastic cluster > configuration > user settings i tried to append the below
action.auto_create_index: true

but i still got the same error when i load the filebeat. I am using the elastic user
i did not any security setting i am just trying to follow the getting started pages

can you paste your elasticsearch.yaml here? did you restart ES after changing the config on all nodes? Also can you paste your output of GET /_cluster/settings

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