After our initial migration from ES 2 to 5, one major issue that we faced was that the term queries were very slow in comparison to ES 2.

I had raised a GtitHub issue and after jpountz pointed me to the below property, then our performance improved.

I see the following code in ES source at core/src/main/java/org/elasticsearch/index/ 107

// This setting is an escape hatch in case not caching term queries would slow some users down
// Do not document.
public static final Setting<Boolean> INDEX_QUERY_CACHE_TERM_QUERIES_SETTING =
    Setting.boolSetting("index.queries.cache.term_queries", false, Property.IndexScope);

I'm only concerned that since this is not documented, that it may end up being removed in the future ES.

We have more than 200 million documents and our majority (99%) of the tasks are term queries only. Could someone please consider to document this support and maintain it in future ES as well.

We'd definitely encourage you to raise a PR with changes to the docs so we can include it :slight_smile:

Great! The reason I asked was, in the comments in the source code it was explicitly written as "Do not document". If you folks are open to documenting this, I will raise the PR. Thanks :grinning:

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