Index River Alternate

Hi. In Elasticsearch 1.6 River are deprecated. I use the FS-River Plugin in ES 1.3 to indexing a filesystem.
The Docu for ES 1.6 write that use the Java API. But I do not know how can with this api to scan a file system and write the file Meta data to my index. Or give it in ES 1.6 a another way to Index a FileSystem like C:/* ?
Can anyone give an answer please.

If you are a Java dev, you can look at the FSRiver source code and check how it scans the filesystem.

Yes i am a Java Developer. But since ES 1.6 (Rivers are deprecated) a was find a way how scan files from a file URL.
It is this a way for ES 1.6? :

  1. create a Index with Mapping
  2. Scan all files ( look at the FSRiver) and write the File Meta Data to my created index

Give it in the ES Java API a Method to get all files from a File URL?


It give in next Time a alternate to FSRiver in Elasticsearch >1.5

I said that your can reuse what this plugin does but outside the context of a river.

You can look at this method which basically does part of the crawling job:

FSRiver 1.3.1 might work with es 1.5 or 1.6. Untested though.