Index rollover ealier than described in ILM index lifecycle management

Hi everyone,
I have setup a TSDS with following ILM in ES 8.8.2

GET .ds-micrometer-metrics-2023.07.08-000036/_ilm/explain
 ".ds-micrometer-metrics-2023.07.08-000036": {
      "index": ".ds-micrometer-metrics-2023.07.08-000036",
      "managed": true,
      "policy": "metrics-timeseries-datastream",
      "time_since_index_creation": "1.72d",
      "lifecycle_date_millis": 1688950910593,
      "age": "6.61h",
      "phase": "hot",
      "phase_execution": {
        "policy": "metrics-timeseries-datastream",
        "phase_definition": {
          "min_age": "0ms",
          "actions": {
            "rollover": {
              "max_age": "30d",
              "max_primary_shard_size": "25gb"
            "set_priority": {
              "priority": 100
        "version": 1,
        "modified_date_in_millis": 1683866730933

Get stats of the index

GET .ds-micrometer-metrics-2023.07.08-000036/_stats
   ".ds-micrometer-metrics-2023.07.08-000036": {
      "uuid": "X042z3Z9QaS4BAYBmRCd0Q",
      "health": "green",
      "status": "open",
      "primaries": {
        "docs": {
          "count": 212237826,
          "deleted": 0
        "shard_stats": {
          "total_count": 1


GET _cat/indices/.ds-micrometer-metrics-2023.07.08-000036?v
health status index                                    uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green  open   .ds-micrometer-metrics-2023.07.08-000036 X042z3Z9QaS4BAYBmRCd0Q   1   1  212237826            0     11.7gb          5.7gb

As you can see, the "time_since_index_creation" is only "1.72d" and the size is only "5.7G" which is way smaller than specified by ILM - 30 days or 25G. There is only 1 shard.

Do you know why this happens?

Before this index, we did a manual "rollover", and the issue only happened after that "rollover", could it be the case?

Do you know how to fix this?

Best regards,

Today we know that it is actually a feature to make sure the performance better

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