Index setting review

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I am using elasticsearch version 1.0.1

I noticed index sizes reduce by 40% from their initial size, is there any
overhead to indexing or searching with this compression?

Is compression automatic now, or is this parameter still used?
"" : "true"

Is this refresh value too high? I index about 150,000 msg/sec at peak
"index.refresh_interval" : "180s"

Here are a few other settings that I would like scrutinized. :slight_smile:

"index.cache.field.type" : "resident"
"index.replication" : "async"

I index a lot of data, but also support a lot of queries, so I have these

index.translog.flush_threshold_ops: 50000
indices.memory.index_buffer_size: 50%

index.cache.field.type: node
indices.cache.filter.size: 40%
index.fielddata.cache: node
indices.fielddata.cache.size: 40%

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