Index settings recommendations

Hello folks, we run an index of about 700.000 (growing..) documents in our company. The number of fields of the documents varies between 1000 - 5000 fields. The number of shards is 5 and the number of replicas is 1. Are there any recommendations from your side to improve the performance of the index or are the settings as they are ok?


Hi @Josef_Fritzer,

I can't give you much advise, my use case is very different (lots of small documents)... Just curious, how many Elasticsearch nodes do you run? And do you have performance issues or are you just looking for optimization if there is some to be had?

Hi @A_B,

5 nodes run on the production system. I'm looking for performance optimization because the index is growing and growing every day. Currently we don't have problems, but as I said our index is growing and our user base is growing too.

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