Index size suggestions

Hi all,
actually, my cluster is composed by two nodes, and my index setting is 1 primary and 1 replica. The size for my indexes is about 1 - 1.3 Gb each index.
Could be better to reindex these indexes in 2 primary and 1 replica?

Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

Is that the only index you have in the cluster? What is your usecase? What is the specification of your nodes?

No isn't the only index.
I have one index per day about 1.3 Gb each.
My two nodes are on Elastic Cloud: two zones with 8Gb each.
Actually the storage is half full.
My use case is mainly composite aggregations and avg on nested documents.
Thanks in advance

Then I would not increase the number of primary shards. As your indices are small it may actually be worth switching from daily to weekly indices as it will reduce the index count.

But what is the suggested size for an index? Any lucence instances how amount of data can process well?

Have a look at this blog post.

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