Index size varying in each node

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Hi All,

I have 4 node server environment, 3 Data node and 1 Non data node.

I am indexing a file with the following settings

shard = 6

After complete indexing operation, the file size in each node is not
equally shard.

Total index size=50

First node size - 28gb
Second node size - 14gb
Third node size- 8gb


  1. Is there any ratio where the index file is shared between the
  2. What we need to do to share the Index content equal to all
    available nodes ?

I have 20gb of ram settings in each node while working on that index
it exceeds the allocated memory.....


  1. Why does it exceeds the allocated memeory...?
  2. How to calculate RAM size....? Is it based on the index


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