Index Sort settings both asc and desc?

Hi All,

we are trying to upgrade our ElasticSearch cluster from 5 to 6 and we are trying to use index sorting features.

We have a fat index that is always queried sorted by a given field but it could be both asc or desc.

Today if I specify index sort "asc", I get faster read in asc but a lot slower in desc.

Is there a way to deal with that? Or just by removing index sorting?

You only get to select one field and one sort order for index time sorting. If you need multiple fields and/or multiple sort orders then you need more than one index (i.e. one index per sort order).

You saying if you remove index_sort:asc, when you sort:desc, it's faster than before ?

I assume you sort the index by the most often one and keep it slow on the other direction ?

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