Index Templates and Rollover

I am trying to understand how ILM and Templates work.

I have setup a ILM where if an index gets bigger than 50GB it should auto roll over. Lets say the policy is called "rollover1-policy"

I can attach this policy to an index and give it an alias. Also I can see that the policy can be attached to a template.

What I am ultimately trying to do is, have my application send all my data to a index say "peopleindex" (alias) and on the back end it creates a peopleindex-2019.09.10 and when that index gets big enough for the roll over it autorolls over to peopleindex-YYYY.MM.DD

However, when I send data to peopleindex, it doesnt seem to actually receive data and if I send to peopleindex-2019.09.10 it doesnt roll anything over. What is going wrong here?



It would help if you showed the exact steps you went through and what you configuration and templates look like.

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