Index then query cost 20 minutes more with half billion rows

Dear ,

I just use es 1.3.1, memory 32G of 128G, 10 shards, 1 replicas, half billion rows for only one index, which occupy 80G disk,

if I add a new document into the index, can search it after 20 minutes later,, I just set the index.refresh_interval: 2s ,when there is only thousands data, can search it quickly.
So many lazy time can not be acceptable for us, anyone can give me the solution?


I just test it ,when there is only thousands data, the issue still,
I add one record with curl, can get data with curl -XGET method, but can't
find it in head plugin web site, also can't get it with java client.
before that I use bulk insert data, when bulk ,from log I find that es set refresh_interval to -1,
does it caused? how can I reset it to 2s after bulk?

anybody can help me ? thanks a lot....