Index URLs in Elasticsearch and make them clickable in Kibana

I am working on a .NET project so I am using NEST. I want to index an object that has a URL property. I want to index it in such a way that Kibana recognises that it is a URL and allows me to click on it to open the URL that it is pointing to.

I tried this:

class MyClass
   Uri MyLink { get; set; }

This succeeds in generating the index using auto mapping, but when I try and insert any data, I get the following error;

index returned 400 _index: myindex _type: _doc _id: 123 _version: 0 error: Type: mapper_parsing_exception Reason: "object mapping for [myLink] tried to parse field [myLink] as object, but found a concrete value"

How can I get this to work? And even if I did get it to work, would it be a clickable link in Kibana? I.e. if I expand an item in the Discover tab, will I be able to click on the link?

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