Index with heavy updates/deletes, deleted docs on the rise

(Tony) #1

ES 5.5.2

I'm running a single index that has lots of constant changes. I have noticed that my disk usage space keeps increasing and rarely drops. After doing some investigation, I found out that my docs.deleted count is 5 times larger than the active doc count.

What are some ways that I can deal with this problem? I have tried using with only_expunge_deletes - but that just seems to run indefinitely and not remove anything.

docs.count 27,471,426
docs.deleted 152,377,223

Any help would be appreciated.


(Thiago Souza) #2

Can you please post the output of GET _cat/segments/<index_name>?v ?

(Note: If it's too big output, then try posting it in and link it here)

(system) #3

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